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Deep Roots


Founded in 2003, the Rogue Trails Series is the oldest and most competitive trail racing series in Texas. The Rogue Trail Series has known many homes, seen many runners, and changed many lives. Although the Rogue Trail Series is highly competitive, it is also iconic for being a gateway series. Many new runners and long time road runners have been lured into long-term, vibrant trail running careers through their experiences with the Rogue Trail Series and we are proud of that fact!

Our mission through the Rogue Trail Series is to introduce runners to Austin and Central Texas trail running and provide a competitive stage for Central Texas’s hungriest athletes.

Rogue Running, which takes its name from the Rogue Trail Series, is a cornerstone of the Austin fitness and running community. We are a community of runners that draw energy and inspiration from a vibrant running community and leverage that energy and inspiration to transcend plateaus and achieve the greatness we once only dreamed possible.

From the introductory Couch to 5K program to advanced Team Rogue training groups to the Rogue Expeditions trips to Morocco or Kenya, our purpose is to help you set goals and use the power of running in a community to reach them, supported by committed training or travel partners and experienced and encouraging coaches or guides.